Envisage Arts CIC - Therapeutic Centre and Wellbeing Garden 

The Community's Art Psychotherapists

Art Psychotherapy

Therapy is about different  things to different people 

Therapy tries to help us learn to sit in our own pace and feel safe 

Emotional Resilience 

We first learn emotional regulation with another person.  However old we get we still need at times the other person. The therapist becomes the other person for co-regulation. 

Therapy begins when we feel safe.

The therapeutic relationship like any other good relationship starts with trusting each other creating a safe base.  

Envisage Arts CIC, is based in Batley West Yorkshire England serving the community since 2010

Our Art Psychotherapy Centre and Community Wellbeing Garden can be found at the back of the ASDA in Batley, next to the bus station, there is parking and easy access by bus or train. 

Please contact us by email for further information sue-ellis@envisage-arts-cic.co.uk

Art Psychotherapy is delivered by an experienced qualified Art Psychotherapist, HCPC registered and BAAT member Sue Ellis.  Art Psychotherapy works well with a wide range of issues and circumstances with all age ranges. 

We are also pleased to  support Trainee Art Psychotherapists from local Universities. We support local schools by placing supervised Trainee Art Psychotherapist within the school environment.  Providing therapeutic support to children and young people, working in partnership with parents and school for better outcomes and engagement into learning.  Our Trainee Art Psychotherapists have also  worked in local sheltered housing, running drop in arts for health programme and one to one support - through Covid-19 this support was online. We have supported a local mental health community group and our Salute project working with Veterans and their families. 

We support parents and school staff to understand Attachment Theory and Trauma Informed approaches, understanding behaviors as communication. To provide a clearer understanding of the neurobiological  impact of trauma, illness and other life events on the Child's or Young Person's ability to enter a school environment or engage into learning. Supporting the notion that it takes 'A Whole Village to Raise A Child' to grow and strengthen their emotional resilience and a strong sense of self.  

We have  set up  'Salute'  a project that is specifically  created to provide therapeutic intervention, for Veterans and their Families through one to one support and a weekly small group drop in