Art Psychotherapy 

The non verbal therapeutic intervention 

Art Psychotherapist are the Ninja Warriors of l0st words

When we cant find the words...

Art therapy works in a different region of the brain than talking therapies starting in the lower non verbal areas were creativity and play are located. 

Dyadic Art Therapy 

Working with the parent and child to strength the emotional ties and attuned responses. 

An embodied sensory experience  

Art and art materials in all its messiness is what we first engage with responding to our bodies. Moving, listening, making connections. 

The Soul never thinks without a picture" Aristotle

Art Psychotherapy, also known as Art Therapy, it  is delivered by qualified, Art Psychotherapists - Allied Health Professionals registered with the HCPC.

The healing power of art and creativity has been known for thousands of years, and Arts as Therapy, or Arts for Health has been used extensively throughout Covid 19 Pandemic to help people feel calmer and cope with isolation and low moods, or as an aid to communicate thoughts.

Art Psychotherapy is all this and more. It combines an understanding of the creative processes with extensive training and understanding of psychotherapy, and provides a means of deeply exploring issues and feelings that have become problematic in our lives.  The safe space of the therapy room combines with the strength of a trusted therapeutic relationship providing an effective way of working together and of finding understanding and ways forward. Together you learn to regulate your emotions and to feel fully supported within the change process that is the essential part of therapy.

The thing that makes it very different from talking therapies is that it is a non- verbal intervention – words are not necessary - just being with someone who understands and is attuned to your needs, using the art materials, and being creative helps to explore your story. It can be messy at times but using art materials in this way can help us understand why we feel or behave as we do. It is as if the art that we create speaks for us and encourages us to begin the journey of understanding ourselves, so our futures can feel a more positive prospect.

Sometime our words feel as if they are lost; the words that can describe events that have hurt us, or if we lose someone that was close to us, or we feel no one understands us and we can’t find the words to tell others what is going on. I like to describe the Art Therapist as the Ninja Warrior of lost words. Art therapists are strong enough to go with us into the darkness that has been scaring us so much. They walk at our side till we feel safe, seen and heard. They can be our advocate and can also help others to understand how to make the changes around us so we can flourish.

Art Therapists work with all ages and in many different situations. Sometimes they work 1:1 with the child, and sometimes with child and parent or carer together to strengthen the emotional ties, that are essential for a child to flourish.

There are many reasons in life that can cause distress and present as difficulties at school or with learning. Art Therapists can help in such situations by coming alongside the child, family and school to help find solutions.

Art therapy is a powerful relational tool to aid communication, helping discover the lost words, and providing ways to tell your own story.  

If you would like more information, please contact Sue Ellis and find out how art therapy can help you or your family.

What we offer:
Arts for Health individual or small group 
Art Psychotherapy individuals or small group 
Dyadic Art Psychotherapy - working with parent and child to strengthen the emotional and relational ties. 
Cyber Art therapy and Arts for Health via Zoom.

Who befits from Art Therapy 
Art therapy is effective with all age groups and wide variety of issues, from early life traumas abuse neglect, insecure attachment issues that include the affects of premature births or child illness.  Life brings difficult times and sometimes support is need to support you through these, as we grow older support is still needed having therapy can help  make sense of our lives, validate and tell our story.   

Some children experience school as a challenge that feels unsurmountable, they feel lost in their own thoughts and find it difficult to be understood, they can feel not  heard  or seen for who they are.  The reason children have low attendance refuse to engage in school life or learning are usually complex the first indicator maybe their behaviours or changes in their behaviors.  We work closely with families and schools to explore the Childs understanding of their world and listen to their story, as therapist we become their advocate to support the changes they need to flourish. 

If you have a query or questions about Art Psychotherapy Therapy please get in touch and ask we are here to help.