Art Psychotherapy

The Soul never thinks without a picture" Aristotle

Art Therapy is a powerful non verbal intervention that support change.  Early life trauma is said to sit within a non verbal region of the brain the same region that creativity,  play and art are located. I like to describe this complex neurobiological understanding as,  'Art holds the hand of trauma and gently makes the emotional links and understanding on it journey through the brain,  to the front of the brain where language and higher thinking are located this  enables your story to be told, heard understood.'   Sue Ellis Art Psychotherapist HCPC registered BAAT member 

What we offer:
Arts for Health individual or small group 
Art Psychotherapy individuals or small group 
Dyadic Art Therapy - working with parent and child to strengthen the emotional and relational ties. 
Virtual Art therapy and Arts for Health via Skype

Who befits from Art Therapy 
Art therapy is effective with all age groups and wide variety of issues, from early life traumas abuse neglect, insecure attachment issues that include the results of premature births or child illness.  Life brings difficult times and sometimes support is need to support you through these, as we grow older support is still needed having therapy can help  make sense of our lives, validate and tell our story.   

Some children experience school as a challenge that feels unsurmountable, they feel lost in their own thoughts and find it difficult to be understood,  heard  or seen for who they are.  The reason children have low attendance refuse to engage in school life or learning are usually complex the first indicator maybe their behaviours or changes in their behaviors.  We work closely with families and schools to explore the Childs understanding of their world and listen to their story, as therapist we become their advocate to support the changes they need to flourish. 

If you have a query or questions about Art Therapy please get in touch and ask we are here to help.